Volume 11 Issue 46
November 13-19, 2003

On Our Cover
Quick! Before They’re All Gone …
Photo by Vivian Zumstein
Not Just for Kids - Maples are the most dramatic fall dressers. Often shot through with red, yellow and orange all in the same leaf, maples have three major points with two minor points closer to the stem. The edges are ragged.

Duathlons: The Average Joe and Jane’s Race of Choice
by James Clemenko
Most people have a sport that they are good at. Duathlons combine two sports to test will, skill and adaptability. I was about to test mine, by running three miles, biking 15 — then running three more.

On Exhibit
Lee Boynton’s In Praise of Thee at Ollie Miller’s Gallery
Reviewed by Gary Pendleton

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