Volume 11 Issue 21
May 22-28, 2003

On Our Cover - You Don’t Have to Own a Boat
to Get on the Water
photo by Michael Kelley
“I had crossed the Bay on the ferry that ran before they built the bridge,” Kelley writes, “and I have crossed the bridge innumerable times during its half-century year life, but I had never before traveled under it by boat. The sounds of the traffic far above on the bridge eerily contrast with the beauty of the bridge and the calming effect of floating on the Bay.”

Our Bay Makes Us Rich — In More Ways Than One
by Sandra Martin
Boating in Maryland is a billion-dollar business. Good as getting back to the water is for business, it’s better for souls.

You Don’t Have to Own a Boat to Get on the Water
by Micahel Kelley
Sea-ing the sights of charm city.

Our Say on Scandal in the News Business

For Lack of a Fish
The loss of our world’s big fish is a bigger problem
than you might think.

The Enemy Is Us

Small Boat, Big Fish
by Marnie Morris

Summer Camps: Just Around the Corner
It’s not too late to sign your kids up for camp this summer
by James Clemenko