Volume 11 Issue 14
April 3-9, 2003

On Our Cover
The Zen of Boxing: In the ring Baltimore Boxing club owner, fight promoter and Baltimore boxing legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Smith, shuffled effortlessly — despite weighing 35 pounds heavier than his normal fight weight. Sparring with him, Matthew Pugh got his first taste of a pro boxer’s punch. Photo by Ernest Anastasio.

The Zen of Boxing
by Matthew Thomas Pugh
In 18 months I fought my way from the doldrums to bliss.

Pound Nets and Fishlighters
by Sara Ebenreck
Flag Ponds is a park with a past. Ranger-detective Harry Knott has dug it up.

  • Maryland Grapples with a Weedy Issue
    Marijuana’s still illegal, but it’s a lot less illegal if the toker’s sick
    by Paul Scott Armentano
  • Fill an Empty Bowl — and Benefit
    Calvert Ecumenical Council sells soup for homeless sake
    by James Clemenko
  • Does Galesville Need Another Bar?
    No, says West River Improvement Association
    by SOM
  • Winter Birds Fly Away
    What January Waterfowl Survey counted, spring has rousted
    by Sonia Linebaugh
  • Way Downstream
    • In Richmond, Va., an even-worse snakehead up for sale…
    • In Washington, Rep. Wayne Gilchrest seeks $1.5 million to begin developing a Chesapeake Bay ferry to run between Crisfield and Reedville, Va.…
    • In New Jersey, Blueprint for Intelligent Growth charges subdivision developers for new school space for the families they house…
    • This week’s Creature Feature: In Iraq, Morocco joins the war effort, offering to send 2,000 monkeys trained in detonating land mines.