Volume XI, Issue 13 ~ March 27 - April 2, 2003

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Letters to the Editor

Burton Refuses to Yield Right of Way

Dear Bay Weekly:
I see by a recent letter to the editor (Vol. XI, No. 11, March 13) that Larry Hatch of North Beach takes issue with my column criticizing the House of Delegates for passing legislation that would require a law-abiding driver going the legal speed limit in the left lane to pull to the right and yield the right of way to a driver behind — even if that motorist was exceeding the speed limit. Mr. Hatch obviously considers the path must be cleared for a reckless driver who endangers other motorists farther down the road. Whew!

I also note that Mr. Hatch describes himself as a former driver education instructor, to which I must say I feel, when driving, more relieved with the former in his resume. Enough said …

— Bill Burton, Riviera Beach

Thanks Will Get You More Stories

Dear Bay Weekly:
The Friends of Calvert Cliffs State Park would like to extend our gratitude to Bay Weekly for your continued support of our park and organization. Your stories continue to let others know how important it is to protect the environment and to preserve places like Calvert Cliffs State Park for future generations.

— The Friends of Calvert Cliffs State Park

Why Lynn Buhl Was Not Confirmed to Maryland Department of the Environment

Dear Bay Weekly:
Why did the state Senate reject Lynn Buhl as secretary of Maryland Department of the Environment? Because Ehrlich the Gingrich-goth has declared war on Maryland’s air, earth, water and health. He wanted Lynn Buhl to be his field marshal. They talked openly about merging Maryland Department of the Environment with Department of Natural Resources (good-bye MDE).

Because when green groups got together a week or so before Ms. Buhl’s hearing and agreed to oppose her, the Gingrich-goth roared that greens would have “no seat at the table.”

Because after green groups testified against her, the Gingrich-goth spitefully withdrew administration support for a bill to stiffen penalties for developers and others who fail to control sediment, manage stormwater, protect wetlands and avoid water pollution.

Because Ms. Buhl revealed neither knowledge of nor sensitivity to a variety of matters such as bad air causing asthma and cancer and landfills being located near minority communities.

Because the little Gingrich-goths are behaving rudely: Sen. Andrew Harris, R-Baltimore County, abuses green witnesses in hearings. Sen. Nancy Jacobs, R-Harford, yells at her fellow senators in the chamber. Republican party chairman John Kane shouts at reporters in the hall.

And finally because Ms. Buhl came from Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality, an agency notorious for rolling back regulations and refusing to punish polluters, an agency whose motto is Waivers Are Us. As someone put it, confirming Ms. Buhl is like hiring a babysitter who just worked for the Addams Family and let their kids do whatever they pleased.

Ehrlich the Gingrich-goth claims strong enforcement of our environmental laws to be part of the “political culture” the voters mandated him to change. The Senate has now declared that to be not so, and that, in true parliamentary tradition, the king can be resisted.

— James A. Hoage, Severna Park

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