Volume 11 Issue 12
March 20-26, 2003

On Our Cover
Everybody Loves Wild Rice: To keep greedy geese from devouring everybody’s share of Jug Bay’s wild rice, Greg Kearns, a naturalist at Patuxent River Park, fences off patches of marsh. The enclosures, which Kearns has been setting up since the mid-1990s, work by depriving geese of the space they need to land and take off. Photo courtesy of Patuxent River Park.

Chesapeake Stories for Maryland Day
Back to Maryland’s Beginning Chesapeake Country Author Wayne Karlin Imagines the ‘Wished-for Country’
by Sara Ebenreck
For this 21st century author, writing about the new Maryland colony provided “a metaphor for America, where you find great potential, ideals and goodness — and also all the things that hold those potentials back.”

  • The Demise of an Honest Man
    DNR’s plain-speaking fisheries chief may have talked his way out of a job
    By Bill Burton
  • Everybody Loves Wild Rice
    But Canada geese are eating Jug Bay’s crop all up
    By Scott Hertzberg
  • Where Is He Now?
    Chuck Larson’s busy with family, higher ed and Naval Academy fundraising
    By Nancy Hoffmann
  • Way Downstream
      • In Pocomoke City, Gov. Robert Ehrlich makes good on his promise to upgrade wastewater treatment plants — with a $1.1 million state grant…
      • In Iraq, migrating birds passing through the Tigris and the Euphrates River flyways are likely additional victims of war…
      • In London, Prime Minister Tony Blair owes $1,600 fine for being too busy to register the family car…
      • This week’s Creature Feature: In Mexico, rebounding monarch butterflies head our way.