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A record in words and pictures


I forget what life was like pre-Liliana, even though I had 35 years of it 


47-inch visibility is half-century record


Back Creek living shoreline credited with clarity


37 years ago Brian Earley braved the waters of Chesapeake Bay to ­commemorate his late father, ­starting a tradition that lives to this day


Dear Bay Weekly: We are thrilled with the story on Friends of Felines [Scratching Out a Home in the Woods]. We can’t thank you enough. We have had calls from people wanting to know who does trap, neuter, release and maintain in Anne Arundel and Prince George’s counties. Who knows? Maybe we’ve really got some momentum going. Thanks again. –Carol Hall for Friends of Felines
Dear Bay Weekly: We loved the pets issue of Bay Weekly [Aug. 26]. Having six cats and a German shepherd, we had to take turns reading the stories. The Bay Gardener’s Maine coon cat sounds like a real character … sort of like pets and humans resembling one another. Three of my six are also Maine coons. You’ll see two of them in the enclosed photos of our cats. –Marilyn Harmon, Shady Side
Dear Bay Weekly: Congratulations on the Voting Edition [Primary Primer, Sept. 9]. Excellent. My wife and I thought your comments were right on, and we were very impressed. –Mick Blackistone, Fairhaven

The new era begins now

In a decade or two, we might be hearing this conversation: You know, fat oysters like that one you’re eating used to be hunted in the wild, like the buffalo. Really? Like cowboys, Chesapeake watermen rode out on low-rise boats, even in the worst weather in the middle of winter, and scraped oysters from the bottom of Chesapeake Bay. Like tobacco farming, oyster harvesting has been a way of life in most of the Bay’s recorded history. But mark the year 2010 in the history book —...

There’s a big difference between household vinegar and horticultural vinegar

A few years ago, I wrote about using horticultural vinegar to kill weeds. At a recent Deale Farmers’ Market, a customer who bought peaches from me insisted that my recommendation to use vinegar does not kill weeds. She even went to the trouble of boiling the vinegar, thinking she would be concentrating it. What she did not realize is that boiling vinegar dilutes the acetic acid, which is why vinegar gives off a strong odor when heated. Regular cider vinegar or white vinegar contains only...

With the autumnal equinox, that footwear comes to life

Labor Day has come and gone, but the celestial clock still reads summer. While our days are still longer than our nights, we have lost two hours 45 minutes of sunlight over the past three months. After this week, the hours of darkness each day will trump those of light. In the late hours Wednesday, as the earth’s equator faces the sun head-on, all across the Bay region, a strange phenomenon takes place. It begins in dust-coated drawers throughout Eastport but then spreads quickly to...

In the shift to shallow water, tackle makes the difference

Live-lining small Norfolk spot remains the surest bet for a limit of striped bass on the Chesapeake. But light-tackle lure fishing grows more exciting as our waters cools with September’s chillier weather, when striped bass behavior changes. Fish Are Biting The shallow-water rockfish bite is growing more reliable after the warmer-than-usual water temperatures. So live-lining Norfolk spot around the Bay Bridge pilings, off of Podickery Point, Hackett’s and around Thomas Point...

An action film with a message fails to deliver either.

Danny Trejo (Predators) is a badass. His 20-year career is based on the fact that he is the most intimidating man in just about any room. Trejo’s visceral presence inspired filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids) to make his frequent collaborator an action movie star. At 66, however, Trejo is rapidly moving from grizzled action hero to curmudgeon. Machete is an extended version of the fake trailer that Robert Rodriguez added to his half of the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse double feature....

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On September 26, celebrate all things local, starting with community farming on ACLT land.

  “This year kicked off our CSA,” says spokesperson Joy Woppert. Named Double Oak Farm, the garden was planted on farmland that had been fallow for years. The other local milestone ACLT is celebrating is the planned Prince Frederick Overlook Trail. The new seven-and-half-mile trail will connect an existing trail to Prince Frederick’s Main Street. Capping off the busy year is Locally Yours. Calvert caterer Dream Weaver will be filling bellies with menu items made using...