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Colonial Players deliver an entertaining and provocative dark comedy to remind you of the power of live theater.

In some plays you understand a character by dialogue, and in better plays through actions. But with the best, you know which way the wind blows from the moment a character walks on stage. So it is with Ben Carr and Jim Reiter, the pillars of Colonial Players’ Dog Logic, a dark comedy by Tom Strelich, playing through June 26. As the brilliant but brain-damaged manic with the heart of a dog, Carr has the audience eating out of his hand within the first minute of his opening monologue. He...
It’s also, as you’ll see at the Boat Shows, opportunity
       Earth, air, fire and water are what’s it’s all about, according to ancient cosmology. Those elements ruled all the way down the great chain of being, even to humans, who might thus have a fiery or a sanguine temperament.        Places fall into that elemental structure, too. Much of the Midwest, except where the great rivers run, is earth. So are the mountains. Phoenix is surely fire, and very windy places, air.      ...