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Yoga Walk

Event Date: 
April 18, 2019 - 10:00am - 11:30am

Location: Meet at Park Headquarters Lobby. Combine the cardio benefits of a brisk 2-2.5 mile walk with stops for yoga based strengthening moves, accessible to all levels. Wear comfortable fitness gear, walking shoes and bring water. RSVP to [email protected]. Shine only.

When coming off the Rt 50 eastbound exit, turn left onto Oceanic Drive. Instead of turning right toward the beach and the toll gate, continue straight toward the mini lighthouse replica. There will be a sign for Park Headquarters as well. You'll see the Headquarters on the left. If you have gotten to the toll gate, you've went the wrong way. Turn around and take the first real right hand turn.


Sandy Point State Park: Headquarters Lobby
1100 East College Pkwy Annapolis, MD 21409
United States