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Main Street Catering & Brasserie

Main Street Catering & Brasserie really is a family affair. There’s Lee (that’s me). I’m the mom. Many around the area knew my grandfather, Dr. George M. Darrow (aka Papa Darrow), who owned the Pick-Your-Own strawberry farm in Glenn Dale. He used to say with such glee, I can’t believe I get paid to raise strawberries and daylilies. I love it.

I understand what he meant because I love what I do at Main Street.

The family includes my wonderful husband, Dennis, who worked magic and turned the old J-Mart market from an ugly duckling into our beautiful headquarters. A project manager in Washington, Dennis works with a company that puts life back into old buildings. It took four years to complete this project. He’d leave D.C. and come here every night after work and every weekend. 

Then there’s Kerri, my daughter. She and I started Main Street Catering in 2004. She is the person who assures you that every detail of your event will be absolutely wonderful. Then she makes it happen.

Read a tribute to how well we make it work for you on our website, Written by the mother of one of our brides, it’s entitled The Perfect Wedding.

My son John, a chef and restaurant opener, joined us in 2008 to oversee kitchen operations and to lead the way in the creation of our carryout and brasserie. He shares my love of cooking and has an incredible knowledge of food, from ingredients to techniques to selecting just the right combinations of our menus. He, too, loves what he does — and it shows. 

Our extended family includes Jennifer Morse, a wonderfully talented lady who has been right there with us since the start. Jen’s beef tenderloin, her seafood salad, her grilled veggies do it for everyone. She cooks to make people happy, and it works every time.

Come to Main Street any Wednesday and catch the aromas of that tenderloin grilling.

Joy, Sandy, Shelby, Carmen and Drew — our cooks, drivers and event staff — and many more wonderful people from all over the area, together make it work.

We’re Main Street. Come in and meet us the next time you’re hungry.


Main Street Catering & Brasserie
14207 Old Annapolis Road, Bowie
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14207 Old Annapolis Road
Bowie, MD 20715
Phone: 301-805-2508
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