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Special Editions

Meet the people behind the shops, stops and services that bring you Bay Weekly.

AFC Urgent Care Convenient quality care Need medical care in a hurry? Get better with the help of AFC Urgent Care, the new name of AFC Doctors Express.     AFC Urgent Care is a well-established, full-service urgent care center that provides walk-in medical care for all non-emergency illnesses and injuries.

Bay Weekly’s Labor Day parade of working people

Summer is swell. During its short stay, we imagine a vista of fun, sun and long vacations. The reality is a little different, with heat, humidity and the necessity of working for a living.     About half of us Americans are in the work force, according to the bureau of Labor Statistics. Come Labor Day, we’re back to the work that gives so many of us a life as well as a living.

Readers shared their stories — and pictures — of animal companionship. The stories are wonderful; they'll bring tears to your eyes and laughter to your heart and lips.


Professional insights into caring for your animal companions

Convenient Care Mobile ­Veterinary Service Don’t fight to get your pet to the vet Never again do you need to lie to your pet, disguising a trip to the dreaded vet’s office as an outing in the park.

A thrifty couple’s guide to having your cake and eating it, too

Come this fall, I am officially adding strategic planner to my resume. After moving, working two jobs and planning a wedding from 700 miles away, I’ve earned it.

We asked, and Bay Weekly readers delivered, with dozens of great nuptial photos and wedding day memories.

Richard Acuti and Melissa Boyle Married October 17, 2015, at Cove Point Lighthouse. We wed on the banks of the Chesapeake. One special memory from the day would be the love of brisk Bay breezes! Attached is photo from inside the lighthouse tower.


Adventure Camp Action-packed days filled with adventure will give your child a new experience remembered for years to come.

The stories behind the restaurants — and the people who make them

Bay Weekly’s annual Dining Guide will make you hungry. This Guide will also fascinate you. Behind every restaurant is a human story with family history, sometimes going back generations. Others are success ­stories of a single generation. Many are the realized dreams of people who always wanted to own a restaurant.     The people behind these stories entrust their futures to the food they cook and the service they provide. Your satisfaction is their success.

Bay Weekly's Health Guide provides expert tips for you (and your animal companions)