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Don’t let it drive you crazy

       For better and sometimes for worse, we live in the electronic era. Things move at lightning speed, and technology changes almost daily.        That means the technology you depend on will not always be working for you.         One day, all is just the way you like. Then an update comes along … or you click on something questionable — and suddenly you can’t get to where you want to be.
A Healthcare Power of Attorney gives you your say
        Who should speak for you should a health calamity make you unable to speak for yourself?         Under Maryland law, your spouse steps up to make medical decisions for you; next in line are your children.         But is that what you want?
        Your will — plus power of attorney and advance directive — are the three most powerful documents you’ll ever sign. They keep you in charge past the time you’re able to speak for yourself, as well as prevent or minimize a host of undesirable outcomes you might never have imagined.         Your will controls who inherits your assets. If you do not have a will, the state has a will for you: People that you did not intend to inherit, may inherit. 

Planning now helps ensure your wishes are carried out and makes it easier for family faced with difficult decisions

       Planning for their own death is no one’s favorite activity, but having the right paperwork and information in the right hands can make a difficult time somewhat easier for family members and the executor of your estate.         The National Institute of Aging offered a number of factors to think about, some of which most of us probably haven’t considered.  
Your health depends on it
        In an attempt to save money, many employers are eliminating dental insurance or providing plans with minimal benefit for the patient. In addition, many Bay Weekly readers will lose their dental insurance upon retirement.         Those losses hurt both your oral and systemic health, for the mouth-body connection is a key to your quality of life. What’s more, looking your best is correlated to feeling your best.
Keeping your vision helps you stay independent
       Suddenly you can’t see the small print. For the first time in your life, you need reading glasses. You may joke that your arms are getting shorter, but we both know that your changing vision has nothing to do with appendages.

Keep your body and mind fit

       Staying healthy and sharp as you get older will contribute to living a longer, more fulfilling life. While many of the habits that keep you healthier in your earlier decades will continue to serve you well as you get older, seniors need to be careful with high-impact exercises and should be aware of different risks.   Eat Right
How to make the most of your senior years
       Americans dream of retirement — time to sleep in, take naps, finally do gardening or projects or take trips. We imagine retirement offering all the opportunities working 40 hours a week detracts from. And you should definitely take time for all the relaxing you want, then find ways to fill those hours and allow yourself to enjoy your post-work life.        Here are a few suggestions for making the most of your senior years.  

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AFC Urgent Care Providing the best patient experience possible, when you need it most
Annapolis Recreation and Parks Camps  Many choices of fun at affordable prices        Summer days are filled with sports, dance, rock climbing, arts & crafts, boating, field trips, swimming lessons and free time at the Truxtun Park Pool. Activities vary depending on the kind of specialized camp format your child selects. Camps meet June-August.