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Home and Garden Guide

We’ve seen all the help it takes to run Downton Abbey. Keeping your castle and kingdom is likely not quite that big a job. But many’s the time we small-scale homesteaders wish for some good help. Springtime is when the job’s the biggest, and that’s when we bring you our annual list of Home and Garden Helpers. From builders to maids to landscapers to stonemasons, they’ll help you live up to standards to which you’d like to grow accustomed.

Live in Your Outdoor Space as Well as Your Indoor Space Melissa Jones and Tim Salafie, the outdoors-loving partners in Architectural Gardens, worry that you’re depriving yourself of the full use and pleasure of your home. If you think of your home as what’s inside, they’re sadly right. If you’d like to open up your world, these down-to-earth pros will show you how to do it, realistically and affordably. What’s more, they’ll do it for you.
Accessorize Affordably     Great style does not have to equate to big dollars. Keep a current issue of Bay Weekly on hand for monthly savings coupons.