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Fall Fix-Up Guide

Like childbearing, a kitchen remodel ends so well (usually) that you ­forget the labor of getting there

     It’s been years that you’ve been reading about my intention to remodel my kitchen.       So I must share the news that my kitchen is now a story with a happy ending.       It’s so appealing, apparently, that friends and neighbors stop in for viewings that turn into impromptu kitchen parties.

Follow the doctor’s orders

Editor’s Note: Lest you forget, we share with you one last time the invaluable advice of Dr. Francis Gouin — our Bay Gardener for 12 years until his death in 2018.  
Belair Engineering Call and schedule your heat pump or furnace tune-up so that it will make it through another winter
Decorate Affordably; Consign Profitably        Accent décor can be a great way to move into a new season. The affordable way to add to your collection is to check out your local consignment store. Shop often and shop early to snag the best selection.        Are you trying to stick to a decorating budget? Are you looking to get rid of unwanted items that you no longer use?

Little things make a big difference

 After Jack Frost has moved in, you’ll wish you’d invested a pleasant autumn afternoon in winter-proofing your home. To keep your home and family sound and snug, move these five simple steps to the top of your chore list.  

Odds are, yours is, too

     If the kids left the door ajar with the air-conditioning running, you’d close it. If the windows were open and it grew too chilly, you’d shut them. If a tree crashed through your roof, you’d get it fixed.

To get rid of clutter you need a plan

     Now and then, every home gets to the point at which a quick tidy-up here and there just isn’t cutting it anymore. You take a look around, notice all of the surfaces that have gone untouched for far too long, then sigh as you pick a day dedicated to cleaning from top to bottom.      Lifestyle and parenting blogger Ari Adams of Love, Peace and Tiny Feet shares her top rules to add simplicity and structure to the task.  

Keep chaos at bay 

     Chaos is scheming to take over your storage space. Keeping it at bay takes a solid game plan and the right equipment. Follow these tips to stay ahead of disaster.        1 Protect the items you store. Moisture and pests cause problems in even the cleanest garage. Look for durable storage containers with tight-fitting, critter-resistant lids.  
     You’ve still got time to get your home in shape for winter. If you’ve been procrastinating, you’re not alone. But delay can be costly. Many homeowners are putting themselves at financial risk by putting off some home maintenance chores, according to a national survey from Erie Insurance.

Fall’s the time to get to work

     Warm days and cool nights combined with shorter daylight hours are what the doctor ordered for the favorite grasses of Chesapeake Country: bluegrass and fescues. They’re called cool-season grasses because they germinate, produce roots and lap up nutrients once summer’s heat shuts down. So now’s the time to get to work on next year’s perfect lawn.   Step 1. Test your soil