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Letter from the Editor

Dad carries a heavy load, and look how we reward him


The Patuxent is hungry for your love


The Patuxent is hungry for your love


With more books and more formats than ever, only time stands in your way


On vacation, your mind wanders


Yard signs make your first introduction to many candidates


Bill Burton’s wish blows closer


The Choptank River piers named for him get you to where the big ones are


In the water, humans become amphibious. Try for yourself; you can feel the magic.


The new era begins now

In a decade or two, we might be hearing this conversation: You know, fat oysters like that one you’re eating used to be hunted in the wild, like the buffalo. Really? Like cowboys, Chesapeake watermen rode out on low-rise boats, even in the worst weather in the middle of winter, and scraped oysters from the bottom of Chesapeake Bay.