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Letter from the Editor

Bay helps explicate nature’s calendar 
      Yes, the return of the Maryland Renaissance Festival is one sure sign summer is turning a corner. Still, I commiserate with King Henry VIII, his queens and his subjects. Summer of 2019 has plenty of hot days to come.       You already knew that, didn’t you?      This morning’s Washington Post (I still take my print newspaper with coffee) put a more analytical perspective on our common-sense notion of August. 
Sounds Fishy
     I hope you like catfish.      They’re the new fish du jour on the Chesapeke menu. Tasty is the rating they usually get — especially when the taste and words are on the lips of people responsible for making lemonade out of these piscatorial lemons. “Tastes good,” Gov. Larry Hogan pronounced blue catfish as served at his annual Buy Local Cookoff last month. 
That’s what binds us to our animals
     “I could do worse than come back as Elsa’s dog.”      Grandmother Florence Martin’s half-aspiration comes back to me whenever I reflect on the relationship between human and dogs. It has been illuminating and, in a dog-legged kind of way, predictive.       It also has something to say about the relationship between her and my mother Elsa Olivetti Martin.
Paths followed to fulfillment
     Not so much as you’d find in the great city newspapers of 50 years ago, when editor Rob Warden called the paper he loved, the Chicago Daily News, “a daily novel of the life of the city.”      Bay Weekly is more like a weekly sketchbook of the life of Chesapeake Country.
Two more recipes to round out your menu with summer’s best from Bay and garden
      Good as Enticing All Natural Steak & Mushroom Sliders from En-tice-Ment and Windermere farms are, summer’s garden is too good to be ignored. So to balance your menu — and the recipe you’ll read with our story The Proof Is in the Taste on page 4 — here are a pair of recipes from the 2019 Governor’s Buy Local Cookout and Cookbook.

This week’s virtual tour will help you appreciate all we are


    Unless your viewing technology has advanced beyond television, you know all about how friendly local visitors opening their arms, shops and cultures for happy travelers on riverboat cruises. Whether it’s all too good to be true is not today’s point (though I am curious). This week Bay Weekly invites you to tour equivalent of Chesapeake Country.

Introducing Mary Ann Jung; Remembering Valerie Lester

In this week’s packed paper, you’ll read about Mary Ann Jung, a woman of many faces. I won’t say introduce, because you’ve likely already met her. Actress Jung impersonates her history-making women far and wide. You might have seen her — and them — live in festivals, schools, libraries, museums, senior centers, conferences as well as in in-between stops at, say, the grocery or mall. Next week, she introduces a new character, Irish Pirate Queen Captain Grace O’ Malley at a Chatauqua event at Severn Library.

Beyond nostalgia, these icons remind us of ­Poseidon’s power


     Traditions — if you’re going to keep them — need renewing for each new generation, sometimes sooner. But how often do you want to read another lighthouse story?      So when Thomas Point Lighthouse beckoned University of Maryland journalism student Brad Dress, our summer intern, had to make a case to me to get his story.

Keep in mind what we celebrate — and why


      Bursting in a fog of smoke and a cacophony of shrieks and thunder, Fourth of July fireworks must shiver the viscera of anybody — combatant or unlucky civilian — who’s felt the real clamor of war. Since the Chinese invented gunpowder in the ninth century, the world has been roiled, ruled and ruined by its fulminant power. 

Join us in the big tent that’s marriage 


      Marriage is a big tent with room for everybody who wants in.        That’s one of our time’s great changes in law and custom. It’s so new, and so big a break from past values, that it can make you stop and think — once you get over your surprise — how powerfully important marriage is to many, many people.