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Letter from the Editor

    Living on the Chesapeake Bay, our communities are surrounded by rich natural resources. In Calvert and Anne Arundel counties, we have streams running through our backyards, neighborhood beaches on creeks and rivers and towns fronting the wide-open Bay where the big fish bite and you can’t see the other shore. We have swampy marshes and dramatic cliffs. We have woodlands and farmland.
       In our Chesapeake Bay communities, waterways are all around us. Streams lead to rivers which lead to the wide open Bay, and it’s only a short walk or drive to the closest shoreline. This proximity to tidal waters is part of why many of us choose to live here.

(Yes, We’re Still Here) 

     At the dawn of a new decade, Bay Weekly begins anew. On January 1, Chesapeake Bay Media (CBM) took ownership of this esteemed weekly paper—the pulse of Anne Arundel and Calvert Counties.       When the close-knit family who created Bay Weekly decided to close the doors after almost 27 years, we at CBM felt we could breathe new life into the beloved tradition they built over the decades, keeping the community feel that readers value. 

That’s the 2020 prospect 

      Happy New Year!       2020: a new year, a new decade and, in the words of friend Louise Dunlap — a Bay Weekly reader since Volume I, Number 1 — new challenges and new hope. 

It’s been good to know you

     We are none of us new to shutting doors behind us. As I write this letter, I am on the open side of the door. Once I finish it, I shut the door on Bay Weekly’s long chapter of my life. For I have saved this letter to you as the last thing I will write as editor of Bay Weekly. I’ll not be able to open that door again except through memory. Fond as I am of memory, it is — another truth you and I both know — only a substitute for the real thing.

To tell a good story

     The winter holidays give us such a good excuse to do what we like best: Tell stories.       Who has time (or patience) to read news as the year rushes in multiple celebratory climaxes toward its end (and more parties)?      Winter solstice, Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza all come to us over the course of this week’s issue, and many of us have to try to stop to pay them some attention. 

Favorites from 2019

      I never know where I’ve been until I look back to find out. The journey makes so many demands of its own. If that journey happens to be conceiving, creating, publishing and distributing 50 or so issues of a weekly newspaper, the papers receed into the distance of time like a line of saguaro cactuses overtaken, then passed, on a drive through the Sonora Desert. All their distinctive, memorable features blend into one stereotypic cactus. Or paper.
Valuable lessons from Bay Weekly ­Christmases past
     Everything I know about gift-giving I learned at Bay Weekly’s many holiday parties over 27 years. From hand-to-mouth subsistence years, we grew flush enough to rent a hall to thank the growing numbers of people — always an encouraging mix of old and new — who made and delivered our earnest young paper. 

And to you, thanks to ­Chesapeake Bay Media

Two months ago, I told you that the story of Bay Weekly as we know it was coming to an end.     Founders J. Alex Knoll, Bill Lambrecht and I — my family — had turned on a bright idea and poured 26 and one half years into keeping it powered. Exploring Chesapeake Country, weekly for 1,355 issues we have found new stories, met new characters and persuaded new advertisers that our paper could indeed help them prosper in their business. Week by week, we created our legacy.
The Season’s Bounty is at your fingertips
     As we edge into the winter holidays, I’m all for celebrating. Bring on the lights: stock up on candles, lay the fire, untangle the strands. Unbox your household icons. Gather the evergreens. Touch up the season’s grayscale with highlights of red and green.     Mother Nature deserves a rest, and she is going to sleep. All the liveliness we’ll get this time of year depends on us. Fortunately, it’s a challenge many of us are up to.