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Disabled veterans' license plates redesigned

Deep Creek to Annapolis to Ocean City for kids with cancer

Deposit cash and checks August 9-12

"Drink Boh, save crabs! Oh boy, what a cause!"

- Mr. Boh

Giving kids the tools they need to learn

Stroll the streets for art's sake

June 3, 1938 - August 2, 2018

Artist Jan Kirsh’s visual garden

Nextival promises the next level in good times

Nextival is “the next evolution in a festival,” according to its creator Billy Zero.     “I wanted to do something for families and kids because there’s not very much at a lot of events,” he tells Bay Weekly.     Nextival brings all that and more to the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds this weekend.

A 2018 high school grad explains how America vanquished its most numerous bird

Passenger pigeons were once the most numerous birds in North America, thought to number in the billions. They were beautiful creatures, larger and more colorful than their cousin, the mourning dove. Their tremendous and deafening nomadic flocks darkened the skies for hours, sending chickens to roost and panicking people and livestock. The adage safety in numbers could have been coined for passenger pigeons, for they were protected by the size of their flocks.