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At Heavenly Ice Cream, butter fat is next to godliness


On September 26, celebrate all things local, starting with community farming on ACLT land.

  “This year kicked off our CSA,” says spokesperson Joy Woppert. Named Double Oak Farm, the garden was planted on farmland that had been fallow for years. The other local milestone ACLT is celebrating is the planned Prince Frederick Overlook Trail. The new seven-and-half-mile trail will connect an existing trail to Prince Frederick’s Main Street. Capping off the busy year is Locally Yours.

It only sounds ritzy.

  Sunflowers and flowering grasses stuffed into mason jars atop picnic tables covered by red and white checkered tablecloths decorate the park’s Pavilion, a fully-renovated historical barn. Flickering lanterns add to the homespun charm.