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You don’t have to travel out of state to meet a dinosaur

Hot enough for you? The steamy weather we’ve been having might better suit coastal Maryland’s previous residents — considerably previous, some 100 million years ago back in the Cretaceous Era, when dinosaurs such as the predator Acrocanthosaurus, armored Priconodon, herbivorous Tenontosaurus and our official state dinosaur Astrodon johnstoni, a 70-foot-long plant-eater weighing 20 tons, roamed and roared hereabouts.

September’s low humidity feels good, but it can spark fires

Was the Sunday shower of .66 inches of rain enough to extinguish the “critical fire weather conditions” blanketing over half of Maryland? The rain “wasn’t enough to alleviate the drought conditions,” according to Monte Mitchell, the State Fire Supervisor with the Maryland Fire Service. “Until we start getting in a regular pattern of rainfall,” drought — and with it the danger of wildfires — is here to stay.