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Creature Feature

After raising terrapins from hatchlings,
3rd-graders release them at Poplar Island


Calvert Marine Museum’s snakehead settles into life in solitary confinement


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a person in a chicken suit


Safely stashed in the doomsday vault are a diversity of seeds from New Mexico’s most well-known food group


Far ahead of schedule, this summer’s bumper crop is shocking the system


Leg bands help tell the story


You can hunt them, paint them or spend $5 to support them


The Humane Society International successfully tests elephant contraception

In African game reserves, elephants were eating themselves out of house and home. So the Humane Society International found a way to control the growing elephant population in South African reserves without resorting to cruel practices: elephant contraception. “In a lot of places in Africa, elephants are confined by fences or barriers,” explains Humane Society International’s director of wildlife Theresa Telecky. “If the population isn’t controlled in some way, the elephants will out-eat the area.”

These pet insurance claims will make you check your policy

Insurance covers many members of your family, including the furry ones. The nation’s oldest pet insurance company, Veterinary Pet Insurance, rewards the most daring clients with its annual VPI Hambone Award, celebrating the most unusual claim.

Maryland’s Most Humane Lawmakers

The Maryland General Assembly is a pretty animal-friendly place, according to the Maryland Humane Scorecard released this month. Across both houses, 117 of 188 members scored 75 percent or higher; only 12 legislators scored less than 50 percent.