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Great August 4 article on the Bay’s beacons and guardians for safety. The city of Annapolis holds title to the Thomas Point Light. When I was mayor, I was fortunate to sign the special papers for transfer from the federal government to the city with the Secretary of the Interior in a ceremony at City Dock.
Dear Bay Weekly:     I try to pick up the paper whenever I’m in the area. I’ve always found it really easy to read and to look at.     I was patronizing the Marriot in Annapolis on a recent Friday night — not because I’m part of the young singles crowd but because my girlfriends wanted to go to Pussers.     Out front, I picked up a copy of Bay Weekly.
Dear Bay Weekly:     I enjoyed your article on the cats meow Some years back I did cat rescue work with Linda Brown, a friend on the SPCA board. Together we neutered a lot of Eastport cats and found territories where they could be looked after. A network of residents around the city provided  health care services  for street cats out of their own pockets.
Dear Bay Weekly:     I wrote to you over three weeks ago, when we were desperate for help to find our cat, Murphy, who was missing as of about June 5. I could not have asked for a more supportive and caring response.
Dear Bay Weekly:     I find your short stories delightful and always a good read. In the latest issue, I was happy to see the name of a contributor who once worked with me, Jean Trott. I wonder if you have a phone number or email address so that I may contact her?     Thanks so much. –Chris Kamenoff, Annapolis Editor’s note: Thanks to Bonnie Lefkowitz for compiling and editing Summer Memories.
Dear Bay Weekly:     I was just beside myself with delight over the latest Bay Weekly with the Summer Memories story, as I know some of the people and places.     I especially like Ann Park’s memory as I built an addition on the house and also worked on the Sinyard boarding house — now a bed and breakfast — where she and her family ate $1 chicken dinners.
Dear Bay Weekly:     I enjoy your paper every week, but last week’s [May 26] was awesome. Took a handful out of the North Beach Post Office over to the Bayside History Museum. Great, great, great memories! –Grace Mary Brady, founder: Bayside History Museum
Dear Bay Weekly:     I have delayed in passing on my praise for Bay Weekly’s Earth Day issue, April 21. I love your editorial, “We Stand with Our Feet in the Water and Our Hands Dirty from Digging in the Earth.” [].     The Master Gardener article is inspirational [Digging In:]. I will pass it on to a friend who has just finished her master gardener training. –Sandra Bartholmey, Crystal Lake, Ill.
Dear Bay Weekly:     Thank you for the warm and thoughtful article in your May 19, 2011, edition []. Artist and member Margaret O’Brien was thrilled to be featured in this article along with an artistic photograph of her taken by Marilyn Baker
Dear Bay Weekly:     I am a member of the Parole Rotary Club and I want to thank you for your excellent coverage of the Naptown BarBayQ. I think the event was a great success. –Jeff Schaub, Annapolis