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     Thirty years after the nation awoke to the scope and impact of domestic violence, the United States still grapples with the aftermath of violence by people who usually are intimate partners.      We know the slogans and statistics on domestic violence. It is time to take personal responsibility to lend a hand to those who live in the shadows of domestic violence. Be the change that helps someone you know to break the cycle of violence.
Time to Remember Rachel Carson
     I read Are Our-CIDES Killing Mother Nature in Bay Weekly’s September 14 Our Say and thought of marine biologist, author and environmentalist Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring, written while she lived in Maryland. It was published 55 years ago last month.

Two Cheers for Local Business Guide

In the old neighborhood the other day, I picked up a copy of Bay Weekly. The local business issue was superb. There’s a story behind all those who buy — and don’t buy — ads. I bet it will bring the “never-buy-ads” folks to rethink their “business plan.”  –Pat Piper, Arlington, VA  

More Do-Not-Sprayers

     Would you pass along this info to all your readers and to Betsy Detwiler, Neeld Estates regarding her thoughtful piece on CIDES Killing Mother Nature.

The Postcard Finds Another Reader

Re: The Postcard; Sept. 14:        Having lunch in Severna Park, I picked up your paper’s Sept. 14 edition. Several articles were quite interesting. However, The Postcard by Sarah Jablon really caught my attention.
First let me thank you for Bay Weekly’s awesome Pet Tales Aug. 10 edition. I also want to tell you about Hillsmere’s successfull implementation of a Community Cat program to reduce the unowned “community” cat overpopulation. Volunteers rallied with the Anne Arundel Cat Coalition, a non-profit spearheaded by Spay Spa Neuter Nook to trap, spay/neuter and rabies vaccinate 36 cats.

Re: Local Artist Paints in Words; Sept. 14:

  Our little man loved your article and the drawing in Coloring Corner, as did I. Thank you. Writer Kathy Knotts is one of the few who really got it right. –Michael Bell,  Southern High School arts department chair
     I have become a pariah in my neighborhood because I asked Calvert Mosquito Control to put my property on their Do-Not-Spray list. However, after attending a bee talk given by the 17- and 18-year-old members of the Northern High School Bee Club, I began to question the whole pesticide problem.      So far, the facts are disturbing. It seems that studies done by scientists — which the government uses for safety guidelines — are done by chemical company scientists.
I want to thank you for the extraordinary edition of Bay Weekly — August 10 Pet Guide. I’m holding onto it like it’s my textbook. What a great public service to so many people, giving them concrete, incredibly useful information. I get questions about that stuff all the time and more and oftentimes do not have the information either. –Joseph Lamp, Arnold Animal rights supporter Joseph Lamp is active in Maryland Votes for Animals

Your July 13 issue of Bay Weekly weddings reminded me of my wedding, June 4, 1944, during the war years. My husband to be was stationed at the Air Force base in Massachusetts. The wedding was to take place in our hometown church in our small village in New York State. My sister was my maid of honor and my two cousins were bridesmaids. My husband’s sister was to sing; she had a beautiful voice and sang in the choir for years. The wedding rehearsal took place without my husband-to-be.