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A Bird (and Cat) Story      There seems to be a lot going on in the paper with birds lately. Here is my own bird story. 
Full Circle on Missing Birds      I cannot believe the various responses regarding the plight of our birds. We still have a lack of participation, even with the woodpeckers. The squirrels are loving life. Thinking about roadkill to attract the eagles.      Thanks Bay Weekly for providing this forum –Mike Stewart, Deale  
The Mystery of the Missing Birds, Continued      Yes, Mr Stewart, I am seeing this also. I too live on four-plus acres and have always had birds at my feeders. This year I filled the feeder first with a mixed bag of seed. No birds...thought seed rancid or ?? Dumped the mixed and then filled the feeder with black oil sunflower seeds. Still no birds. Next step? Clean the feeder completely and try another brand? Not sure. Open to suggestions! Please!
Thanksgiving is a Wonderful Time to Remember We Are All Immigrants      I am grateful for your cover and story in Nov. 16’s Bay Weekly.      Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to remind us that we are (most all of us) immigrants, and how very special becoming an American can be and is for so many folks who have not had the good fortune and advantages that most of us who were born in the USA have had.
Missing: Deale Songbirds       I live on four acres in the woods
and have no birds at my feeders. They were abundant. Anyone else seeing this? –Mike Stewart, Deale   Dining in the Field
     In a meeting Nov. 2, we learned the Maryland Department of Transportation wants to spend $6 million on 2.24 miles of road at the bottom end of Rt. 5.      The Department seems to think this road, which ends in another mile or so in Point Lookout Park, needs wider shoulders, upgrading and improved “safety” for those few motorists who wish to visit the park and the few people living along the road before the park.
Recycle Your Pumpkins
by Timothy Johnson
     After Halloween, what’s next for your pumpkins?       Please, not the landfill. Pumpkins are 90 percent water and add tons of water to the landfills, contributing to the problem of groundwater contamination. As pumpkins break down, they create methane (CH4), a greenhouse gas more powerful than carbon dioxide (CO2).      There are better alternatives.  
Transparency in Government      Calvert Countians enjoy a culture of service and reasonable access to elected officials and county staff. We can call our officials and county department heads and ask questions and give opinions.
Local Businesses Guide to the Rescue Your guide to local business is a real treasure trove. 
     While many are starting to forget about Hurricane Harvey after Irma, Maria and Jose, there is still great need in Houston and surrounding areas in which many have lost everything they own.      The entire leadership team of the Keller Williams Three Bridges of Southern Maryland traveled to Texas to volunteer in the cleanup from Hurricane Harvey.