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Dear Bay Weekly I was pleased to see the recent oil spill response bill (CLEAR Act) pass the U.S. House of Representatives with full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund included. All of us should take a moment to thank Congressman Steny Hoyer for his part in shaping the legislation and in helping build bi-partisan consensus in this hard-won victory.
Dear Bay Weekly: Glad you put together the summer reading list! Some good selections in that July 1 issue. My most recent book to be finished was Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel, which everyone but yours truly read eons ago. Particularly interesting because we detoured to Asheville, NC, and saw the scene — and heard how some townsfolk resented his romans-a-clef. I think of the recurrent question in our memoir-writing workshop, Re-Create Your Life: What will people say?
Dear Bay Weekly: I’d like to add my belated praise for Diana Beechener’s July 15 story “Hope Is In the Melody,” on the group that entertains wounded soldiers. In a time when so much news evokes cynicism, I’ve rarely found a story so moving. Well done! –M.B. Lefkowitz, Holland Point
Dear Bay Gardener: We’ve always had success with great big zucchini/ squash plants. One day they’re beautiful; the next they are flat on the ground. I understand this is due to some sort of beetle that eats the stems. We’ve been using Sevin pesticide on our garden, but it doesn’t stop them, so it seems. –Peter Brooks, Chesapeake Beach  
Dear Bay Weekly:
Dear Bay Weekly: I share Mr. Burton’s frustration, in your recent edition, that a windmill or groups of them on a distant hill should be considered unsightly by the governor [July 22 Letter from the Editor]. We have forgotten how the toy windmill can hold a child’s curiosity and how the wind through one’s hair in a car or on a boat can relate our senses so close to nature and its sublimity.
Thanks to Doug Kamholz for the beautifully written and very insightful July 22 review of my book Wandering Souls: Journeys with the Living and the Dead in Vietnam. He gets it. –Wayne Karlin, Lexington Park
Dear Bay Weekly: Thanks for Ron Stein’s July 8 exclusive about Nolan Smith [ ] , the local basketball star at Duke University. Being a Maryland fan, I admit it was kind of hard reading about the success of someone who could have been a Terp if our recruiting was up to par. But Terps fans have gotten used to that.
Dear Bay Gardener: I have two trees in the front yard. I do not know what kind, but they are about eight feet high with trunks about a foot wide. The problem is the roots are growing above ground. One is growing along the driveway toward the house. Can I cut the roots without damaging the trees? –Tim Steeley: [email protected]  
  Dear Bay Gardener