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Flying Squirrel Sightings

New Public Transportation Programs

       For people in South County, there is no public transportation between Edgewater and the Calvert County line. In early July that will change with two pilot projects.         The Circulator bus will start at Annapolis Mall making stops in Galesville, Shady Side, Churchton, Deale, Tracy’s Landing, Wayson’s Corner, Lothian, Harwood and Edgewater before returning to the mall. 
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Please Say No to Plastic
Put Solar Panels over Parking Lots       It should be unlawful to use good agricultural land for establishing solar farms when there are thousands of parking lots. Parking lots only serve for  parking vehicles. Asphalt covered parking lots re-radiate heat into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming, and the polluted water runoff often causes flooding, overloading streams resulting in bank erosion and the killing of fish.
Congratulations on 25th Anniversary        I remember when you started and when you were in Tri State Marine in Deale, home of the Brothers Osborne. I love to read and support your local newspaper, with many fond memories over the years. Keep on for 25+ more years. –Sara Hourihan Taylor, West River   Parker Creek Coalition Cleans Up
Mayor, Where Are You?
More Tragedy Due to Booth Re       Great article on the Flight of John Wilkes Booth by Marjie Riordan. It arrived on the very day I finished writing the last chapters in my forthcoming book, Anaconda’s Tail: The Civil War in Southern Maryland and the Potomac Frontier, 1861-1865, on that very subject. A forgotten component of those momentous few days in American history was the terrible Black Diamond Disaster on the Potomac.
Inspired by Marjory Stoneman Douglas       I enjoyed Louise Dunlap’s article in the March 22 issue about Marjory Stoneman Douglas. It’s inspiring that Douglas’ work (and Ms. Dunlap’s husband’s) has come full circle in the student’s activism on gun control. It particularly touched me that Douglas never gave up, even when the odds were bleak. It seems we face that scenario with the current debate over any kind of gun control.
Big Bay Bash a Success!        Crochet for the Bay raised over $500 during the event! We are meeting next week to decide where the money will go. The cold weather did not stop people from coming, but now we know not to plan an event before April.       Thank you again for the support. Many of the people who came to our event heard about it from your article.