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Dear Bay Weekly:     I was just beside myself with delight over the latest Bay Weekly with the Summer Memories story, as I know some of the people and places.     I especially like Ann Park’s memory as I built an addition on the house and also worked on the Sinyard boarding house — now a bed and breakfast — where she and her family ate $1 chicken dinners.
Dear Bay Weekly:     I enjoy your paper every week, but last week’s [May 26] was awesome. Took a handful out of the North Beach Post Office over to the Bayside History Museum. Great, great, great memories! –Grace Mary Brady, founder: Bayside History Museum
Dear Bay Weekly:     I have delayed in passing on my praise for Bay Weekly’s Earth Day issue, April 21. I love your editorial, “We Stand with Our Feet in the Water and Our Hands Dirty from Digging in the Earth.” [].     The Master Gardener article is inspirational [Digging In:]. I will pass it on to a friend who has just finished her master gardener training. –Sandra Bartholmey, Crystal Lake, Ill.
Dear Bay Weekly:     Thank you for the warm and thoughtful article in your May 19, 2011, edition []. Artist and member Margaret O’Brien was thrilled to be featured in this article along with an artistic photograph of her taken by Marilyn Baker
Dear Bay Weekly:     I am a member of the Parole Rotary Club and I want to thank you for your excellent coverage of the Naptown BarBayQ. I think the event was a great success. –Jeff Schaub, Annapolis
Dear Bay Weekly:     The Calvert Garden Club is grateful for the cover article about the 2011 Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage at Scientists’ Cliffs that appeared in your April 28 edition. For the first time in the 74-year history of the Pilgrimage, houses and gardens in Scientists’ Cliffs were featured on this tour.     Margaret Tearman’s focus on the history of Scientists’ Cliffs was enhanced by her interviews with homeowners and photos, all of which captured the unique qualities of this community.
Dear Bay Weekly:     Great article on us at PLB Comics [May 12: Putting Ink to Paper:].     Also a fantastic job on the article about Free Comic Book Day at Capital (Billy is the man!), Third Eye and Twilight Zone [The Comic Crusaders]. Thank you for contributing to giving the comics industry the good name it deserves!
Dear Bay Weekly:     I’m closing Main Street Gallery before long and want to thank you for the amazingly generous and steadfast support you have showered upon us. It has been 20 years of fun and adventure, but now I want my house back!     We’ll be doing smaller, more intimate affairs now and then; high on the list will be open-studio play dates featuring Parran Collery’s tiles (and sangria).
Dear Bay Weekly:     A friend and colleague from Missouri recently visited the area and brought her family. They made a special trip to the Calvert Marine Museum because of her young son’s interest in paleontology. Her son, Ben, had seen Dr. Stephen Godfrey featured in a National Geographic Prehistoric Predators special on Megalodon Sharks. The family was pleased that Dr. Godfrey agreed to meet five-year-old Ben and give him a special tour of the Calvert Marine Museum. Godfrey met them at the door and gave the family an unforgettable experience.
Be Kind to Animals Week is May 1-7, and it’s the perfect time to encourage the young animal lovers in your life to put their compassion into action. Relating to animals’ feelings helps kids develop empathy and grow into responsible, caring citizens.