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Tiger the orange tabby cat has been the resident blood donor at Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital in Huntingtown for the past five years, saving hundreds of animal lives with his blood. At the age of seven and too old to continue in the job, he’s retiring. Now the cat that gave so much needs a home.
The South County Democratic Club responded to President Barack Obama’s call for a National Day of Service on January 19 by organizing a food drive for the South County Assistance Network, SCAN.     We were honored to have our District 5 Congressman, Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, join us to deliver food items.

Another year has gone by and it’s time for the new calendars to come out.     We start off with New Year’s Day, which is important for the New Year’s Eve revelers to wake up to a start of new year. The first holiday we see on the calendar is Martin Luther King Day, which the children have off from school. When I went to school, we had Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays off; now they are lumped together as Presidents’ Day.

Why Must There Always Be a Price Tag?

I’ve been waiting for the day that the town of North Beach sticks its greedy hand out to charge fun-loving people the privilege to run into the frigid Bay. Even though I have never (and will never) run into the cold water, I’ve enjoyed watching the antics of New Year’s revelers plunging in for the fun of it. And that’s the point: For the fun of it. Now it’s for charity. Why can’t something be done for fun? Why must there always be a price tag?
Bruce’s ingenious design of covering our glass-fronted Bay-front house with upturned decks is still working. Here’s how I covered up for Hurricane Sandy. Hope I don’t need to use it often. –Nancy Bauer, Deale Editor’s note: Nancy’s deceased husband Bruce Bauer wrote about his ingenious design in Bay Weekly back in the last century.

I voted in the early election voting. Not only that, I was an early election voting official, so I can imagine the energy going on all around me at the precincts as I write.     Many polls had people in Monday night, setting up the equipment, getting ready for the 7am Tuesday start.
    We love your newspaper here in North Beach. Could you put this tribute to Pat Carpenter, who died March 2, in your paper?     I feel like I’ve know Pat all my life, and that’s not so. The day I met Bob and Pat Carpenter, I instantly fell in love with them; they are like a ray of sunshine. They made my day every time I saw them. Pat was always so very positive in every endeavor, always thinking ahead for what’s good for Chesapeake Beach and North Beach.
I made an observation from home today that I thought I’d share. I live in Deale, and looking toward Holland Point in Herring Bay, I saw a towboat near what appeared to be a long rectangular object that I thought was partially sunken or sinking. It looked like one of those freighter shipping containers. Through binoculars, I saw a few people on board. The object had antennas up and it looked like a bilge pump was working, for a small stream of water was coming out the side.
Traffic is heavy and slow on the Osprey Highway to the Tropics, as my colleague Mark Martell calls Florida, Cuba and Hispaniola. We currently have one transmitter-carrying bird, Saco, in Florida; three — North Fork Bob, Snowy and Buck — in Cuba; and Katbird and Senor Bones in the Dominican Republic. Henrietta arrived in Colombia on Sept. 26, just nine days after leaving her natal area on Martha’s Vineyard. She’s now on the shores of the Gulf of Venezuela where Buck first settled in 2009.
I was stunned by the article [Sept. 22] reporting that Olive had been murdered. I appreciate being informed even though it was disturbing news. I attended a Chamber of Commerce cruise in late spring and picked up a business card that I shared enthusiastically with others, saying, Look, this bird has her own business card!