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Praise for Wayne Bierbaum’s Creature Feature      I especially enjoy Wayne Bierbaum’s photos and column on nature. If he retires from medicine, he’d make a fine full-time teacher or writer or photographer — or all the above. –Dave Banner, West River   Get Your Milkweed Seeds
Murdock Did It His Way Re: An Annapolitan’s ­Skeleton Revealed in New Book,  March 14, 2019 —
Thanks for Helping Get the Word Out       Thanks for all you do for our shared Bay and environment, including publishing Kathy Knotts’ excellent story on our Anne Arundel County Trust for Preservation Maryland History lecture at St. John’s College discussing climate change and the Chesapeake. 
Musician 1st Class Vincent Moody, from Severn, assigned to the U.S. 7th Fleet Band, Far East Edition, plays trumpet during a community service event at Ayase (Japan) International Festival. This is the 20th international festival Ayase has held. This year’s theme was Let’s connect! Ring of friends beyond the difference. –U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication ­Specialist 2nd Class Michael Doan

Re: Long-Distance Art, Feb. 21, 2019;

Our round-robin painting is complete and has returned home to Maryland
I sure appreciate the work you do in publishing each Bay Weekly. Getting
We wish to take a few minutes to tell you how much we enjoy your little

Re: A Visit to Verda’s Place, Feb. 28,2019;

I was pleased to read the article on former Sen. Verda Welcome in the February 
White Privilege Did And Does Exist       I’m responding to Barbara Palmieri’s letter of February 21, 2019. I’m even older than Ms. Palmieri, and therefore remember some attitudes and ideas that were commonly accepted as truisms not so long ago. 
Where All Those Gulls are Going