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So Barn Quilts Are What Those Are Re: Calvert’s Barn Quilt Trail, Nov. 21,       Thank you Bay Weekly and Bill Sells for enlightening me about the quilt designs in place throughout Calvert County. I pass two of them each day on my commute and wondered what their purpose was. It took a free newspaper to explain the cause, whereas the county paper I subscribe to never mentioned them.
Already Missing Bay Weekly       Over the years, you’ve given us countless bits of news. However, the news of discontinuing the truly beloved newspaper that you bless us with each Thursday is inconceivable. From small towns to even the biggest cities, printed newspapers have been lost. The world of online information is a wonderful thing, but it simply does not fit everywhere.
What We Like about Bay Weekly        I wanted you to know I will miss the Bay Weekly. It has been a delightful addition to my reading materials, even though I subscribe to three dailies … too many. Your paper covers topics that are appealing and interesting, not to be found in the others. I do understand that print papers are a struggling breed, sad to say, and finding someone who wishes to follow you in that endeavor is unlikely among the on-line reader population.

What We Like about Bay Weekly       Don’t know what it takes to convince you to continue, but if it’s a large group of volunteers — retired professionals or otherwise — I wouldn’t hesitate to ask, if I were you. You may be surprised at what you get. I’d be glad to step in, for one, and could convince some others, I’m sure, to do the same.

The Best of Times      My heart skipped a beat when I read it. Giving up the ship? Not my ship, with Sandra, Alex and others I remember so fondly.      My first introduction to the paper was as a delivery person. I loved it.
Back in 1993 …
      Your paper, which you built from the ground up, is a mainstay for the extended Anne Arundel County community. All of us who live, work or just visit the area turn to your pages for amusing, inspiring, informative articles and a calendar full of fun things to do!

A Bay Weekly Writer Says it Best

      My heart is broken. Sandra gave me a shot when no one else would answer my phone calls. She taught me how to be a journalist and a writer, and she taught me how to be fearless when chasing a story. I once got two gubernatorial candidates in the middle of a contentious campaign to sit down to talk to me for an April Fools story about the Bay being put up for sale. And she printed a lede I wrote that almost, but not quite, got me banned from the campus of the U.S. Naval Academy (“If the U.S.
Valuing Bay Weekly Re: Your Say; Just What Goes into James and Poplar Islands?        I just read this week’s [Sept. 19] tome and wanted to share a few thoughts.
Just What Goes into James and Poplar Islands Re: Way Downstream … Vanishing islands to be restored from Baltimore Harbor dredging; Aug. 29-Sept. 5, 2019: