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Charlotte Hall Vets Take a Fishing Trip
Where Captaining Dreams Come True
      Ten students graduated in May from Charter Captain Courses. They earned their certificates in the 12-week course taught by Captains Ken Daniel and Bill Tyndall of Cambridge. Graduation was held on the Dorothy Megan paddle wheeler at Suicide Bridge Restaurant.
A Little More Light on Lighthouses Re: Restoring a Landmark: After more than a century in the water, keeping Thomas Point alive is no easy task, ­ … and  Revisiting ­Lighthouses: Beyond nostalgia, these icons remind us of ­Poseidon’s power,  

Kids Learn Resiliently to Cope with Family Cancer

      Wellness House of Annapolis hosted its Eighth Annual Paint Your Rainbow Summer Camp in June for over 30 children affected by cancer in their families, through a loved one with the disease. We were joined by wonderful — and generous — local businesses who gave their time and resources for activities, including: • Therapeutic Song Writing with music therapist Sean Lane, Therapeutic Art with Artworks Studio, and Goat Yoga with Goat to be Zen Yoga.
Remembering Valerie Lester       Many thanks for your lovely July 11 editorial Women of Many Faces about my friend Val Lester. As you may remember, Val and I first knew each as young children, long ago, in Jamaica, BWI. Her parents and my parents were good friends, Val and I formed a lifetime friendship, she moved to Annapolis because of that friendship and our daughters are friends. 

Fort Smallwood Gets First Outdoor Lighthouse Display 

Since the Lighthouse Historical Placard program was established by the Chesapeake Chapter of the U.S. Lighthouse Society in 2016, 11 Indoor Lighthouse Historical Placards have been delivered throughout Maryland to help tell the story of local lighthouses. 

Fashion Delivers $135,000 for ­Chesapeake Kids

      A high-spirited crowd of 350 had a lot of fun and raised a lot of money during the 11th annual Fashion for a Cause, bringing in nearly $135,000 for Chesapeake kids. Held June 6 at Porsche Annapolis, the annual event raises funds and awareness for the Hospice of the Chesapeake program that supports children living with and affected by advanced illness and loss.
Grateful for Milkweed Seeds       Thanks to Helena Scher for your generosity in sharing your milkweed seeds.      We have lots of land. Some years we have lots of butterflies, but others not so many. From what I’ve read, milkweed seeds are one of the best answers.  –Charlene Shelton, Tracy’s Landing  
Wounded Warrior Wins Don Backe Memorial CRAB Regatta       The Annual Don Backe Memorial CRAB Regatta on Saturday, June 15 was one of the best in memory with strong competitors, good winds, sunny skies and the new Annapolis Yacht Club Sailing Center as its venue. 

Maryland Real ID: Poorly Conceived and Complicated


     Relative to the new rigorously enforced Maryland Real ID drivers license requirements:      This is a poorly conceived and complicated process. I have a PhD and have worked for 40 years in my science profession. I completed all the boxes, assembled the documents and scheduled an appointment at Loveville in St Mary’s County for 12:30 on June 25.      But …