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Movie Reviews

A woman copes with her boyfriend’s family in this charming romance

      Rachel (Constance Wu: Fresh Off the Boat) is quite the catch. A game-theory professor in New York, she’s a funny, self-made beauty whose handsome boyfriend dotes on her. 

A trio of men discover they have the same face in this fascinating documentary

Tom Cruise delivers in this action bonanza

IMF agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise: American Made) neutralized one major threat when he captured former intelligence agent turned terrorist Solomon Lane (Sean Harris: Possum). But Lane’s network of operatives, The Syndicate, remained free to cause chaos. Their latest mission, crafting three nuclear devices, will cause worldwide disaster.             Unless Hunt can stop them.

Answer the call of this challenging surreal satire

Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield: Atlanta) is eking out a living along the poverty line. He bounces from job to job and can’t afford rent, so he lives in his uncle’s garage. Girlfriend Detroit (Tessa Thompson: Annihilation) is his motivation to do ­better.

Marvel offers a brief break from universe-destroying supervillains in this light flick

Teaming up to help Captain America fight the Avengers, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd: Mute) broke federal law. He escapes prison on a plea bargain: two years of house arrest and no hanging with superheroes.     For a year and 51 weeks, Lang has kept his promise. At home, he helps fellow former felons launch the X-Con security company and sets up elaborate games to entertain his daughter.

A timely reminder of the power of kindness.

Fred Rogers was an unlikely television sensation. Sets were cheap, puppets shabby and the host refused to wear silly costumes or pander to young children. Yet Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood became a beloved staple of PBS programming. Feeling his genuine interest in them, children connected with Rogers. Parents appreciated that the show dealt with real topics, like assassination and divorce. People flocked to his neighborhood.

This film franchise should go extinct

    The Jurassic World theme park was abandoned after a disastrous security breach left tourists maimed, eaten and heavily inconvenienced. The company went bankrupt, and the island of person-eating dinosaurs (some of which can fly) was ignored by the governments of the world.

Pixar’s hero-family series is still super

Bob and Helen Parr (voiced by Craig T. Nelson: Book Club; Holly Hunter: The Big Sick) embrace their super abilities as heroes. With superheroes banned by the government as menaces, Helen worries that their children will suffer. Bob rails at the injustice of being denied his abilities.

A group of women prove they can steal as well as the boys

A technophobe gets one heck of a system update in this entertaining thriller

       Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green: Damnation) is married to a bigwig in the tech industry, with a self-driving car and an automated house. Grey doesn’t like automation. He prefers to drive vintage cars and restore them for rich ­buyers.        The mismatched couple is stranded on the wrong side of the tracks after an accident in the self-driving car. Attacked by a band of high-tech muggers with genetic enhancements, Grey is paralyzed and his wife is murdered.