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Movie Reviews

A horror rematch 40 years in the making 

     In 1978, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis: New Girl) survived masked lunatic Michael Myers’ murder spree. Her friends were butchered, but Laurie lived to see Michael captured and committed. Still, she couldn’t move on. 

In what he says is his last film, Robert Redford reminds moviegoers why he’s a star

      Forrest Tucker (Robert Redford: Our Souls at Night) loves what he does for a living. The work has never lost its thrill. It puts spring in his step and a smile on his face. Everybody sees it; people describe him as “a happy guy.”       His secret: He robs banks for a living. 

A dilapidated hotel holds more than dusty sheets in this hilarious thriller

      The El Royale on the California/Nevada border was once a hangout for gamblers and glitterati. But the hotel has fallen far, having lost its gambling and half its liquor license plus its appeal.       The bellboy wanders empty halls, watching the building decay.       Until one rainy evening four customers appear, each with a secret, all fighting for their lives in a building whose secrets make surviving the night more dangerous.

A classic melodrama gets an update in Bradley Cooper’s impressive directorial debut

     Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper: Avengers: Infinity War) is drowning. Every night he guzzles whatever booze he can find, swallows a handful of pills and strums his way through a bleary set of the country songs that made him famous.        When he stumbles into a bar and hears Ally (Lady Gaga: American Horror Story) sing, he recognizes her talent and is charmed by her shy, befuddled personality.

Life is too precious to waste on this terrible movie

      One tragic moment forever changes the lives of multiple people. Will (Oscar Isaac: Operation Finale) can’t cope after the tragedy ends his marriage to the love of his life, Abby (Olivia Wilde: A Vigilante). The event sets Rodrigo’s (Àlex Monner: Heavies Tendres) family on a crash course to disaster. And Dylan (Olivia Cooke: Ready Player One) grows up fueled by rage and self-loathing as a result of the incident.

A Hitchcockian thriller with a comic twist 

      Widow Stephanie (Anna Kendrick: Pitch Perfect 3) is a mommy blogger obsessed with perfection. She searches out healthy and delicious recipes for her son. She volunteers for every school activity. She crafts her heart out to cultivate the perfect Pinterest life.       But Stephanie can’t make friends. Other parents find her mockingly obnoxious. 

A thrilling waste of potential

     When a predator spaceship crash-lands in Mexico, intrepid Captain Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook: Boomtown) falls victim to a devious government containment plan.       The crash landing is a dream come true to ruthless government alien investigator Traeger (Sterling K. Brown: Hotel Artemis). While his team studies the aliens, they hunt humans. 

A Cliff’s Notes take on one of history’s great spy operations

       In the 1960s, Mossad had the double role of protecting Israel as a sovereign nation and defending it from terrorism. So the report of an Argentinian sighting of the architect of the Final Solution, Adolph Eichmann (Ben Kingsley: Backstabbing for Beginners) falls to a distant third place. Until agents convince the higher ups that capturing Eichmann and trying him in an Israeli court will prove Israel’s strength. 

Puppets are people, too

       In an alternate version of Los Angeles, puppets and humans live together. Not quite in harmony, however, as puppets are second-class citizens harassed by police and assaulted by children.
One cop fights for his right to uphold the law in this thoughtful drama
       Raised in a traditional military family with strong values and a stronger sense of right, Ron Stallworth (John David Washington: Ballers) wanted to be a cop. Getting accepted as the first black officer in very white Colorado Springs was his first challenge.        His next was getting out of the records room. His third challenge is going undercover to report on a meeting organized by a local Black Student Union.