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Annual festival set for May 21, 22

Sarah Petska has already got the blues, though her festival doesn’t start until May 21. In preparing for The Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival’s 10th anniversary, the event coordinator has been putting in long hours.

The Bridge, from Baltimore, headlines Stage 2 at Annapalooza. The bluesy Baltimore rock band has a strong local following and a relentless touring schedule. Cofounder Kenny Liner adds two distinctive elements to the band: He mimics a beatbox using only his mouth. This hip-hop tactic is unheard of in a rock band. Liner also plays the mandolin, an instrument more common in bluegrass, folk, and country than rock bands.

Q    How did you first discover you could beatbox? A    In elementary school, I loved the Fat Boys [a 1980s hip-hop group among the first to beatbox]. They were my favorite. I started imitating them when I was about five or six years old. I used to get kicked out of school and class for doing it all the time. It was kind of like a nervous habit.

Chesapeake Country has long had its own grass-roots music community, but with the rise of local talent combined with the draw of renowned musicians and their loyal fans, Maryland’s capital city is becoming the music capital of the East

These last days of August, you might think you were living in Nashville or Austin, what with the waves of musical talent from near and far rolling onto our shores. From August 19 to 21, the legendary Four Freshmen re-capture the Big Band Era and draw hundreds of fans to Annapolis in the group’s 2010 international convention.

For this local, four-man band, hopefully the makings of stardom

The Names’ idea man Charlie Evans stops mixing sound just long enough to beg a glass of ice. It’s a warm and breezy Friday night, but inside Tsunami, it feels close to 90 degrees.