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A New Bay Bridge?

Join the debate on where to put Maryland’s ultimate NIMBY

     Not in my backyard. That’s where nobody wants the new Chesapeake Bay Bridge that just about everybody wants — somewhere else.
     This week, you get to join the debate on whose backyard deserves a new bridge and how to finance it. In a short half hour from 7:00 to 7:30 pm Wednesday, November 15, you’ll hear an overview of the massive project, including its schedule.
     It’s an online meeting, so any boil-over as debate heats up will be virtual.
     You have two options on how to join in. Live-stream it at Comment as you listen — by the December 15 deadline — at [email protected]
     Or visit one of six physical locations, all near spots you might expect a bridge to pop up. In the Annapolis area, it’s Broadneck High School. In Calvert, Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department. Real people from Maryland Transportation Authority will be on hand to facilitate and take written comments.
     Findings from this initial study are due in 2020, with many, many, many steps to follow. That means we can maybe expect a new bridge in service, somewhere, about a century after the first Bay-crossing span was built, way back in 1952.

"Everyone" does not want a new bridge. For the last 10 years, traffic has been stagnant according to multiple studies. we drive east over the bridge every Friday evening or Saturday morning because we have a home in Rock Hall. It is rare to sit in traffic if you have a smart pass. Rare. Do as Virginia requires - that every motorist use the smart pass. Because of age, the bridges will someday need to be replaced. But to build a new bridge somewhere besides the current location that has all the infrastructure seems questionable.