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Theresa Englom and Sandy Harner

Working at Dick and Jane’s in ­Harwood

Harner: With the late winter, things have been late comin’. It’s the first time it’s ever been this late.
    Englom: The first crop of peaches was taken out by the last late frost. We’re famous for our peaches, too. But we won’t be seeing many local ones for a few weeks.
    Harner: It’s been tough on our customers, for sure. They want local, they expect local. That’s what we’re known for. But there just aren’t a lot of locations ’round here like Dick and Jane’s. We get a lot of little farmers selling us their local things. We carry organic eggs, greens and pears. The farmers are environmentally aware and don’t use pesticides, which is great. People come here because they want to support farmers. Plus it tastes great.
    Englom: We are spoiled. We get to meet wonderful people who are happy to eat local food. And our corn is Number One. I met a guy who told me, You work at DJ’s? They have the best corn around! And he was from Baltimore, and he knew that! Word gets around.
    Harner: Growing up around here, my family didn’t know anybody. But now we think of Dick and Jane’s as kind of the hub of Harwood. Everyone loves coming here and meeting their neighbors and getting food. I know everyone around here now.
    Englom: I mean, working at Dick and Jane’s rocks.