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In Their Own Words

Barb Robbins, Sara Russell and Donna Kurrle

At the Annapolis World War II Monument and scenic overlook: Barb Robbins, 59, of Virginia; Sara Russell, 60, of Delaware; Donna Kurrle, 59, of Annapolis.

We were all best friends in high school, so we came here to a neutral location for a little reunion.
    My dad served in World War II. He joined at 18, straight out of high school, and served until it was over. Every time I drive by this memorial, I think of him and my three uncles who served. My dad’s still alive, just turned 88.
    My father served in the Battle of The Bulge.
    Your dad served in Battle of the Bulge? How come you never told me that?
    My aunt was actually the first WAM engineer, which is pretty cool because women weren’t engineers back then. My father served in Sicily for the Army, too.
    To be able to be where we are, to stand at this memorial and remember what our family did is beautiful … to be able to stand here with freedom.
    Yeah, with freedom. It’s beautiful.

Great Cmmentary!!

Enjoyed meeting Andrew. Thanks for the article! My aunt was WAVE Commander and I'm really also from Delaware, but it's all good. Barb