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In Their Own Words

Andrew Wildermuth, 19, Mayo

I love people, and I love the Chesapeake.
    In my year of writing for Bay Weekly, I have wanted to make my own column. Something unique, something bold, something that digs into the DNA of the region. I’ve bought a nice camera and gained huge inspiration from Humans Of New York, the online blog that captures the essence of New York with daily interviews, randomly chosen from its interesting inhabitants.
    Here and now, I am doing it. We are doing it, every week, introducing In Their Own Words people who make the Chesapeake unique: people you’ve never met, perhaps people you know and love — and just maybe I’ll meet you.
    Join me in my journey through the Chesapeake region to capture the essence of any and all that make up our dynamic culture. Together, we’ll find the voice of the Chesapeake.