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In Their Own Words

Tirrell Smith, 20, Glen Burnie

When my dad my passed, it was hard.  But even widowed, Mom has always been there for us. Financially or not, she’s there to uplift her kids. And that’s what’s important because everyone needs to hear that one sweet word for their mom.
    It’s sad to be away from my mom. She’s living back in Connecticut while I’m going to school here. It’s part of life. Through her example she taught me. She taught me and my siblings that the best way to experience things is to just go out and do it … and here I am. That’s how she trained us for the world and I think we are doing OK.
    I got her a nice little necklace for Mother’s Day to show her that I love her and that I’m thankful. I’m her youngest child and her baby, but even though I’m doing my own thing, she still knows that I love her.