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Reflections on students, teachers and minds meeting

Back to School

    Late August unites us in thoughts of school days — days past and days upcoming.
    Cooler evenings with earlier sunsets adjust our biological clocks ever so slightly. Thoughts of school days shared with friends and classmates crowd our memories. It’s time for hair cuts and shopping for new clothes and shoes.
    Sadness and fear play their part as vacation days draw to an end and unknowns multiply. Nervous energy has returning students wondering about the math and science loved or feared. Will the cafeteria food be more exciting? Will I be in class with my best friend? Who will be my teacher?
    This week, we return to school with a time-spanning album of reflections from three perspectives: Students, Teachers and Minds Meeting.
    We travel to Turkey with a 22-year-old. We meet a middle school principal. One writer shares not only her love of teaching but also provides sound educational advice. An adult student reminds us that finishing college is an attainable goal. From young writers we learn of transitions — to the second year of college and from kindergarten to first grade. Other contributors offer thoughts on after-school care and reading to and with children.
    May our stories evoke your memories as the school busses roll.