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Here's Looking at You, Dad

Carl Harris Jr. and Elle Harris

When I gave birth to Elle three years ago, the first thing I said when the doctor gave her to me was “OMG! She looks just like him.” These two are inseparable. They are twins who share priceless, unconditional love for each other.

–Leslie Parker












Mark Kahler, Bowie, and 
Ashley Kahler, Brooklyn

As the family story goes, Dad would have loved a son, but instead he was gifted with two daughters, me and my sister Of the two of us, Ashley is his Tomboy (sports-minded, etc.) and carries his resemblance best. 

The most prominent? They call it “the butt chin,” but more appropriately their shared dimpled chin. That along with their dark hair and shared basketball skills and love of Terps basketball make them a dynamic duo!

–Lindsay Kahler











Gene and Benji Vester, Annapolis 

I have heard from the day Benji was born that he looks just like me. He has my personality, too. He’s always smiling and having fun. I’m very proud of that. He has an older sister, Olivia, who looks like her mom, Judy.

–Gene Vester




















Georgia Mae and ­Salvatore Pirozzi, ­Davidsonville
















Sleeping beauties, Joe
and ­Kamber Bennett, Owings

Our daughter Kamber looked just like her father Joe when she was just two weeks old. She is still his twin to this day. She is now three years old.

–Holly Bennett


















Ever and Lillian Menne, Chesapeake Beach

















Robert and Zoey Howes, Shady Side 

These two look and act alike. Zoey loves to be on the boat fishing, crabbing or oystering just like him. When she grows up, she wants to be a waterman just like dad. They look alike except for the blonde hair, but when he was a kid, he had blonde hair, too. She is a daddy’s girl all the way. 

–Julia Howes


















Lisa Blandford, Chesapeake Beach, and Bernie Blandford, Owings

There are no real funny stories of our resemblance that come to mind, other than many comments throughout the years about our hair, when he had more, and our similar eyes, nose and toes. Our story is more about the man who has shaped me into the strong woman I am today through examples of strength, determination and perseverance. 

My dad is my hero. He has always been there for me, even in my darkest days, and has celebrated my successes. Although one cannot see our hearts, I have to believe we resemble each other in this regard as well. Neither of us is outwardly sensitive or overly sappy about love, but our care and concern for those in our lives — they know how important they are to us. 

I am thankful for my genetics. I think we both look pretty good for our age, and I'm glad that I look like my dad inside and out.

Happy Father’s Day, Bern!

–Lisa Blandford



Mark and Carter Gray, Chesapeake Beach

My husband Mark would do anything in the world for Carter. They love each other unconditionally. Carter idolizes his dad and wants to grow up just like him. They were dressed similarly for a wedding we attended. 

–Lynda Gray


















David and Jackson ­Reilly, Churchton 

The first picture is me in 1973, and the second is my son Jackson in 2000. 

The last is the two of us today.










Alex Koehler and ­Margaret Koehler-Tearman, ­Huntingtown 

Family legend has it that, just minutes after my birth, my mother’s obstetrician — who was also a family friend — pronounced loudly, “Look at that nose on this baby! No doubt she’s Al’s daughter. Those Koehler noses are pretty hard to miss.”

Unfortunately, I also inherited the Koehler butt, which is also hard to miss. That’s another story.

–Margaret Koehler-Tearman, ­Huntingtown










Nicholas and Emma Rose Crupi,Chesapeake Beach 

We can’t do anything or go anywhere without someone pointing out how similar Nicholas and eight-month-old Emma Rose are. They have such an unspoken bond with each other. I call them my twins. Fittingly, Emma Rose’s first word was Dada

–Kimberly Crupi















Seth & Ray Greenstreet II, Lothian 

Seth & Ray at Disneyworld in 2004.

–Stacey Greenstreet
















Aubrey and Rob ­Jackson

She’s been my Mini-Me since day one, and she’s my best friend always.

–Rob ­Jackson