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Here’s Who Looks Most Like Their Mama

The votes are in

     Bay Weekly readers have been looking closely at you, you two-dozen mothers paired with your sons and daughters in our 2019 Like Mother, Like Child lookalike competition. They’ve compared and contrasted for build, face shape, nose, cheekbones, eyes, lips and eyebrows, teeth and smile. And, as you’ll see, they didn’t let gender bias cloud their decisions.
     With the votes counted, the top four winners are, in alphabetical order:
Krystle Castro and daughter Emma 
Heather Colabucci and son Kyan
Karen Murphy and son Andrew O’Neill
Dawn Seibert and daughter Sadie Paddy
     We anticipated three winners, but our readers tied us at four. 
     As for the promised prizes, winners will be hearing from prize-keeper Audrey Broomfield.