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Great Expectations

16 Chesapeake neighbors answer one tough question: What do you see in your future in 2015?

New years make optimists of us. Once again, we believe that determination or luck will win out, making us healthy, wealthy and wise in the unmapped year ahead. If past years have brought disappointments and damage, well, let old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind. Let the good times roll!
    For all our faith and frenzy, every new year is full of surprises likely to steamroll our puny human plans.
    So it was a tough question we posed to a variety of Chesapeake neighbors this new year: What do you see in your future in 2015?


Consultant; Anne Arundel County

For 40 years we have lived on this postage stamp lot. Seen the sun rise and fall, yes, but also drift north and south with the seasons. Known the wind-driven rain, which trees drop leaves in gutters, which blow away. This year we tore down gutters and the old house itself, leaky roof and pipes, crumbling walls, to erect a new one under the trees. This new year, we anticipate moving in, walking inside, out, feeling again the sun, the wind to, as poet T.S. Eliot wrote, “arrive where we started/And know the place for the first time.”

–Jane Elkin

Deborah Banker

Sculptor and art teacher, St John’s College; Cape St. Claire

I feel as if I have hit my stride and found a perfect expression for my art. My small hand-carved alabaster figurative sculptures in the new series have really taken off. I had a great reception in 2014 for them, the Naiad Series, which combined many sculptural elements I have been working on. Added to this has been an expansion of my gallery presence to the New York area. I look forward in 2015 to continuing with Tarin Fuller at Iandor Fine Arts in the Ironbound, Newark, N.J. I also intend to continue exhibiting with the MFA Circle Gallery and the Mitchell Gallery both in Annapolis.

–Dennis Doyle

Joel Dunn

Conservationist and executive director of Chesapeake Bay Conservancy; Annapolis

For over a decade now, I have been a part of the struggle to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Seeing an osprey catch a fish, watching a monarch butterfly land on a milkweed or tracing the outline of an ancient petroglyph ignites my sense of wonder and imagination.  I thrive on the rhythms of this estuary and the magic of this place. I believe that with the power of knowledge, community and technology, we will make transformative progress in our efforts to conserve the lands and waters of the Chesapeake in 2015. This will be a year of unprecedented collaboration and courage for the Bay movement.

–Emily Myron

Chris Haley

Director, Study of the Legacy of Slavery in ­Maryland; Annapolis

See? Predict? I hope that 2015 produces more people from both sides of the political and social divide who acknowledge the similarities that all people — black, white, Hispanic, Asian, gay, straight, religious, atheist, native-born and immigrant — share. In today’s 24/7 multimedia world, many of us trumpet any sound bite that supports our opinion and demonize any that differ. We refuse to consider middle ground. I hope to write and publish a book and host a television program that would focus on issues other than these, which bother me so. I hope to inspire people to read beyond the headlines.

–Jane Elkin

Haleigh Hamrick

Senior at Huntingtown High School; ­Huntingtown

I plan to go to college and pursue a degree in a biological science. I’ve already been accepted to Rutgers, my first choice. I’ve also applied to University of Maryland, College Park. I’m still on the fence if I want to apply to Georgetown. I’m undecided on my long-term goal, maybe a geneticist? My name recognition: I am a member of the National Honor Society and an AP Scholar with distinction.

–Michelle Steel

Jeff Huntington

Artist; Annapolis

So many unexpected opportunities came my way in 2014, especially those involving street art, and I hope many of these will bear fruit in 2015, here and abroad.
    Lately my art has involved the interplay of images representing contrasting forces: pain, agony or madness versus pleasure, ecstasy or wisdom. The images represent the friction between dark and light, the universal struggle happening inside us and in the events unfolding around us.
    In March, my art will be shown in a group show in Brazil, where I hope to travel to paint a mural. In August, I’m scheduled to have a solo show in Brazil and I also hope to be involved in Living Walls, which uses murals to create dialogue between artists and residents in Atlanta, Ga., communities.
    As a way of bringing an overall sense of balance to my life and my art, I’ll continue investing in my own health and wellbeing. I envision going on longer bike rides with my wife, Julia, on our Adventure Tuesdays, and spending time with friends and family.

–Leigh Glenn

Mimi Little

Artist and CalvArt Gallery president; ­Scientist Cliffs

Professional goals? To ensure that CalvArt remains and grows as a professional gallery where people of all ages can view and take home exceptional art, attend classes, hear lectures, learn, interact, and with all the inspiration, themselves create — and have fun! The more art you see, the more ideas for your own creations.
    I love change, travel, new places to explore, new inspiration, so with my husband John, whose business is Flag Harbor Marine Services in St. Leonard, plan a sailing excursion to Central and South America in a Cabo-Rico sailboat he restored.
    My own goals? To explore acrylics, mixed media, create canvases large enough to cover a wall — and work on my Spanish.

–Elisavietta Ritchie

Malcolm McFadden

Audio engineer and entrepreneur; Annapolis

I spent last year studying audio engineering at Omega Studio of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences. Now that I have my degree, I look forward to spending this next year gaining more experience as a music producer and audio engineer, organizing and hosting music showcases and bringing a more diverse sound to the Annapolis music scene through Hip-Hop and Spoken Word. Plus starting my own snapback hat company. For me, this year is all about dream chasing and doing as much as I possibly can.

–Jane Elkin

Myrtle Pessagno

Mother, grandmother, greatgrandmother; Upper Marlboro