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Eight Years at Bay Weekly

We’ve been a united group

      It’s been one of my best career times working for Bay Weekly over the past eight years. Nearly all work and writing of my previous endeavors had been solo performances. In this position, I have known what it is to work with a united group. That was a gratifying experience. To work in a congenial, cheerful group with such exacting goals and far-sighted ideals was a pleasure!
      Editor Sandra Martin and her son Alex Knoll were the most empathetic although precise of publishers, and it was delightful to work with them.
     I hope that spirit of goodwill and precision will continue in this publication’s new home as Bay Weekly launches new friendships with the community in Eastport and beyond.
The irrepressible Donna Day — Bay Weekly ad representative for Annapolis and Severna Park and writer, too — continues as author of, a web business regarding Maryland Inns. In print, she is the author of Inns and Colonial Homes of Historic Maryland, Historic Inns and Famous Homes of Maryland, Famous and Fine Restaurants of the Chesapeake.