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Dad’s on the Job

In celebration of Father’s Day, dads from 19 to 94 tell us what they like best about the job







Zack Krenik

Huntingtown: 19-year-old student

Being a father is true happiness only a father can understand. It’s unlike anything I could ever imagine.
    Molly was born five months ago, and that day was indescribable.
    I remember driving home from the hospital super slow. I didn’t go over 40 miles per hour on Route 4. I was protecting my precious cargo.
    That first night she was home, I was up with her all night, just watching her and listening to every sound she made.
    I played guitar for her while she was still in her mama’s womb. Daddy’s girl still loves listening to me play guitar.
    My favorite times with her are making her laugh, playing with her and keeping her.

–Michelle Steel

Jacob Bennett

North Beach: 23-year-old medical courier

Being a dad is amazing. Within the first month you’re spattered with all manner of unmentionable baby by-product, but you don’t care. You become immune. It’s nothing beside the (sometimes all too brief) moments when that precious bundle of joy looks at you and smiles. At 3am, when you are falling asleep trying to feed him, wondering why on earth you thought this was a good idea, all it takes is one smile to remind you. I love being a dad because of Connor’s five-month-old smiles.

–Ashley Brotherton