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Christmas Tree Roundup

Mike Callahan’s Chesapeake Driftwood Tree

Mike Callahan was searching for creative ways to trim his Christmas tree this year. The president of the Southern Maryland Audubon Society wanted a unique, nature-themed tree that he created with his own hands. When a friend suggested using what Chesapeake Bay had to offer, Callahan hit the beaches, hunting and gathering for his creation. At home, he put his hands and mind to work.
    Sticking with his nature theme, Callahan’s bird and owl ornaments are threaded with fishing line hangers. Sea glass glued onto the driftwood adds sparkle. A starfish tops it off.
    Callahan was so pleased with his tree that he’s decided to make more to give for Christmas gifts next year. Here’s how to make your own.
    You need only a few tools to duplicate his creation:
    Driftwood pieces, in varying lengths. (Callahan’s three-foot tree took about 30 pieces.) A drill. A permanent marker for numbering A threaded rod one-quarter-inch thick (in three- or six-foot length) for the pole. A buoy for the tree stand.
    Lay out the driftwood in a tree-shaped pattern. Number the pieces in order of assembly. Drill holes in the center of each piece of driftwood; no measuring required. Follow your numerical order in fitting the pieces onto the threaded rod set on the buoy base. Secure with a bolt and washer.