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Way Downstream …

An alert family from Virginia Beach this month rescued dozens of seahorses with the aid of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

            In ancient lore, the seahorse was a sacred creature associated with divine beings, a symbol of power and authority.

            If the old ways hold true, the Brandis family may be rewarded. At Chic’s beach, the Brandis kids and their babysitter saw that a fishing net had washed up on the shore. Upon closer inspection it revealed 10 seahorses amid the barnacles and seaweed.

            While depositing the struggling little fishes into a bucket of water, rescuers noticed something akin to magic: Suddenly there were 50 seahorses when the eggs deposited by a female in the pouch of a male hatched.

            What to do? Enter the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, which knows about things like this: Young and old, the seahorses were placed in grasses of the Lynnhaven River, which resembles their natural habitat.