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There’s An App For That

Technology brings us closer to nature

We live in an app world. If I want a song, I Shazam it; If I want a paint color from a photo I just took, bam, I ColorSnap it. I search for apartments and add mustaches and cats to any picture I please, all in the iPhone that fits in the palm of my hand.
    Now the National Park Service is using an app to get us closer to nature.
    The free Chesapeake Explorer app offers information on state and national parks, trails and outdoors activities, all on one map. The user-friendly app makes it easy for us to get lost in nature — and find our way back home.
    Find lighthouses, museums, trails and state parks. Feel like kayaking? The app uses your location to show you where you can go. Have the day to kill? The app has tours for bikers, walkers and drivers. Take pictures along the way to remember your adventures — and find new colors to paint your walls.
    Search Chesapeake Explorer in your iPhone app store to download it. Sorry Droids, the app hasn’t been made for the Android world yet.
    I grew up wanting to be an explorer, and now I am.