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Speed Cameras Watching Annapolis

School-zone cameras add to General Assembly’s debate

Attention lead-foot drivers: Annapolis is watching you.
    The capital city is setting up speed cameras in 10 school zones. Drivers clocked going 12 mph over the speed limit from 8am to 6pm will be mailed a $40 fine. Tickets from the cameras don’t come with points and won’t be sent to insurance companies.
    Cameras came to the city at the beginning of March — just in time for a political showdown. AAA Mid-Atlantic is working to convince legislators to overhaul Maryland’s speed camera laws in the wake of abuse issues throughout the state, especially in Baltimore.
    Maryland cameras have been accused of issuing ticketing when a vehicle was not speeding, sometimes not even moving. Baltimore has scrapped 83 cameras because of the controversy.
    But there have been successes. Under surveillance of speed cameras, drivers have stepped off the accelerator in work zones, resulting in saved lives.
    Annapolis hopes to make school zones safer.
    Cameras are being raised on streets leading to Mills Parole Elementary, Germantown Elementary, Tyler Heights Elementary, Annapolis Middle School, Annapolis Elementary School, St. Mary’s, Georgetown East, Kneseth Israel, West Annapolis Elementary and Eastport Elementary.
    Once the cameras are set up, there is a 30-day grace period before drivers are ticketed.