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Southern High School Paints the Town

Students decorate local ­businesses with murals

When Alex Wilson saw the mural on the Muddy Creek Animal Hospital, a light bulb went off in his head. What a way to advertise his marina!
    Up close, he saw the signatures of Southern High students, so he called the school to see if they would do the same for him.
    Yes, said art teacher Michael Bell, who chose Cat Allen to organize a team and design the Bridge Marina mural.
    Allen, who was treasurer of the National Arts Honor Society last year and hopes to be president this year, fell in love with murals when working at the animal hospital.
    “I love doing murals because you’re putting your art out where everyone can see it,” 17-year-old Allen said.
    Allen gave her team a week off after the school year ended, then put them to work. Her 11-member team dropped to two people, and the excruciating summer heat made work possible only in the morning.
    “We were sweating our faces off and stuck on tall scaffolding,” Allen said.
    Wilson’s requests were simple: the marina’s name and number and his old Ford charter boat, Patrick.
    Wilson, who bought Bridge Marina in 2006, says he’s had great feedback.
    “I think it looks really good,” he said, “especially considering it’s on cinder­block.”

I think its a great idea, looks beautiful. I'd like one, how much are they?
Renee Wilson
[email protected]