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School Is for Everybody

At Parks and Rec classes, even old dogs can learn new tricks

Feeling envious as kids strap on their new backpacks to explore the wonders of the universe?
    Don’t let age stop you. Whatever your age, or youth, Anne Arundel and Calvert counties can open new worlds for you. And for your dog.
    Want to learn wedding calligraphy? Hip-hop dance? Sign language? German or Spanish? Get fit in a couple of dozen ways, including Tom’s No-Nonsense Karate? Play senior billiards? Do art in the park? Partner with you dog to learn obedience?
    These are samples of the hundreds of short and long classes in Calvert County’s fall schedule. Calvert’s courses for all ages are not only affordable but accessible, held at more than three dozen locations. Earliest classes begin next week; most require preregistration.
    Anne Arundel’s Recreation and Parks schedule promises activities for all ages: swimming, ice skating, dancing and athletic leagues. Adult programs include arts and crafts, ceramics, sports, fitness and health, bio-aerobics, yoga, martial arts and first aid — even for dogs. Classes and activities are offered day and night all over the county.
    For people 55 and older, Anne Arundel County’s eight senior centers ( offer classes, including Anne Arundel Community College credit and noncredit classes. For ages 60 and older, tuition is free, with only a small registration fee.
    Most park and rec classes are budget priced, some free, others $100 or more.
    Anne Arundel courses and registration:
    Calvert courses and registration: