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Pumped Up

Mary Davis earns two trophies, a crown and a summer reprieve from a bodybuilder’s diet

Mary Davis with husband Justin and daughter Gianna.

In the April Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders Catonsville Conquer, Mary Davis won two first-place trophies and a crown.
    “I felt like I did the best that I could. With two firsts, I walked away feeling awesome.”
    Still hungry for more prizes and more challenges, Davis competed in May 16’s NPC Capital Classic.
    “I didn’t place as high as I hoped,” Davis said of a second place plus a fourth and a fifth.
    “When I look at my changes in the last 10 months, my look, my confidence and my ability to pose, that’s where the real results are,” she said. “Comparing myself to myself, the hard work has paid off, and that’s what I am proud of.”
    The 36-year-old Edgewater mother vows this is not the end of her bodybuilding competition. After taking “the whole summer off from being on a strict diet,” she will start competing again in October.
    For now, “I am loving having the freedom to eat what I want,” Davis said. “I’ve had a lot of cookies and a lot of chocolate.”

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