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Pay Less to Park in Annapolis

Meter rates down to $1

Once you’d paid the meter, you might as well have gone to D.C. as to Annapolis. Both capitals charge $2 per hour for meter parking. That’s 25 cents for seven and a half minutes, or 16 quarters to fill a meter. No wonder we who park in both cities carry rolls of quarters.
    For Annapolis, the burden is lifted. Until March 31, rates fall to a mere $1 per hour at the city’s 384 meters.
    So come to town, park and spend. Economic stimulus is the reason for the bargain rates.
    “Data from January 1 through the end of March indicates a 26 percent drop in meter usage compared to other months of the year,” said Ward One Alderman Joe Budge. “It’s worth seeing if the lower rates will increase meter usage, supporting turnover in parking spots for local businesses.”
    New mayor Michael Pantelides agreed. “We understand the need to stimulate economic activity during months that historically have a lower demand for parking,” he said. “This is all part of our overall market pricing strategy, keeping the pricing in line with supply and demand.”
    As well as Pantelides and Budge, Aldermen Fred Paone, and Alderwoman Rhonda Pindell Charles sponsored the bill to save you money at the meter.