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Lighthouse Keepers’ House for Rent

Pack your pjs for three, four or seven nights

If your approach to historic tourism is the closer the better, here you go, with deluxe comfort and rare opportunity.
    Calvert Marine Museum is now booking both sides of the Cove Point Lighthouse Keepers’ House for seven-, four- or three-day overnight rentals.
    It’s the only lighthouse in the Mid-Atlantic where you can sleep over.
    No, the light won’t keep you up. At 38 feet, it rises higher than the two-and-a-half story keepers’ house, so the light focused by the historic Fresnel lense shines above and beyond the three bedrooms of each side of the duplex.
    That light is a real working aid to navigation, guiding mariners for 184 years. Cove Point is Maryland’s longest continually operating lighthouse.
    For 158 of those years, before automation, lighthouse keepers tended the light and fog bell. Along the way, the house was enlarged for an assistant keeper and his family.
    Over the last 14 months, both homes have been remodeled into vacation cottages. Each has a third-floor bedroom with bath, two second-floor bedrooms with a shared bath, a landing reading or writing nook, a living room, first floor lavoratory, laundry room and modern kitchen.
    There is private access to the Bay and beautiful views, including the lighthouse from the keeper’s side.
    “It was the best place in the world,” according to Eunice Metivier-Knott, who was born there and revisited her childhood home at this month’s grand opening of Calvert Marine Museum’s newest venture.
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